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Vic Falls unveils Sightseeing Bus
Vic Falls unveils sightseeing bus | Southern & East African Tourism UpdateNew Content A new sightseeing hop-on, hop-off bus, Bamba, is set to take to the streets of Victoria Falls in August, with the route taking in the city’s landmarks and attractions. The day run, from 07h00 to 18h00 will take in all the lodges, tourist attractions such as the entrance to the Falls, and a number of dining venues. The restaurant route runs from 18h00 to midnight, shuttling guests between a variety of dining options around the city and their accommodation.

Suddenly The World Stopped
South Africa on 23 March, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, a national lockdown was announced that would start on 27 March 2020.

Hwange in summer
Hwange in summer is my personal favourite time. Fewer tourists, beautiful colours, unbelievable birdlife and a complete array of wildlife will keep you entertained on every game drive.

Zimbabwe - The Facts
Zimbabwe has been in the news lately and we have a couple of clients voice concern re “is it safe to travel to Zimbabwe?” I have been in touch with our partners up there and this is the latest information at hand.

5 things you didn’t know you should take on safari
There are some things that just make travelling easier, other things that you shouldn’t leave home without – like sunglasses for example. Here are some things you didn’t know you needed.

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