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Lake Kariba is the huge lake that was created  when the Zambezi River was dammed in 1959 to create hydro electric power.
Ranging from Milibizi in the extreme south to the town of Kariba in the north, the lake forms  the boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Fact and figures aside the lake has become the play area and holiday destination of choice for generations of Zimbabweans as well as a major  source of food and industry, providing the
small kapenta fish which is a dietary staple.

The islands that were formed when the lake was created are a haven for wildlife. There are also large tracts of wildlife reserve that line the lake where an array of game can be seen.

The time honoured way of exploring the delights of Lake Kariba are by houseboat. Large and small, pontoon or cruiser style, basic or luxurious they are as popular and as ever.


The small town of Kariba in the north is where the majority of the tourism action takes place. It's here that most of the houseboats are moored and the harbour serves as the entry  point for boat services to some of the major islands. There are a number of  hotels and resorts and is the location of the dam wall.  As Zimbabwe re emerges as a tourism destinatio and more people visit more services will become available.

Kariba town has a small airport and there are currently daily flights which link Kariba with Harare and Victoria Falls with Federal Air.

Milibizi and Binga to the south of the Lake are a short three hour drive from Victoria Falls making a stay on a houseboat an easy option.
Guests should bear in mind that the south of the lake is scenic and great for relaxing and  fishing but if game viewing is your mission then we recommend going north.

Watch game from the comfort of a houseboat on Lake Kariba

Fossilised trees dot the shoreline of Lake Kariba



 The sluice gates of Kariba are open. See the spray 
 created from the open gates  below.

Spray from the sluice gates of Kariba dam