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Zambia is a land of lakes, waterfalls and swamps, wildlife, tradition and culture, adventure and unexplored wilderness. This is the real Africa. 

Why holiday in Zambia ?


Zambia is completely under rated as a safari destination. The game viewing in South Luangwa, the best known of Zambia's national parks is fantastic - not only in variety of species but in the number of animals that you see. But there is so much more to Zambia than South Luangwa. The Kafue National Park - the size of Wales has huge floodplains which are completely unspoiled and populated with and astonishing assorment of wildlife and birds; Lower Zambezi for canoeing safaris, game viewing and fishing; Upper Zambezi for awesome Tiger fishing and culture and so it goes on...


Gettting around Zambia is not as easy as say getting around Botswana. Distances are greater and there only a few local airlines servicing the destinations (because as the destination is not as well known, tourists are fewer). 

The warmth and friendliness of the Zambian people is legendary. Zambian culture is alive and active, and it is possible to witness some of the most interesting cultural displays in Africa such as The Ku-ombuko as well see and be part of day to day village life.

Dont overlook Zambia for your next safari. The game viewing rewards are well worth it.



Zambia Safaris


Maplanga Africa is passionate about Zambia.  It's where our love for adventure travel began...We offer holidays to Zambia with expert travel advice,  fly in Zambia packages as well tailor made Zambia safaris.

Zambia accommodation

Zambia offers a variety of accommodation ranging from camping to luxury lodges and hotel. There is no single 'type' of accommodation of defines Zambia accommodation. There are a variety of large hotels and many lodges humble and luxurious. Our featured selection of Zambia accommodation includes a menu well known Maplanga favourites. The key to a great holiday is letting your holiday planner what you expect of your accommodation.

Zambia places of interest:

A mere taste of the places to visit in Zambia. Therse are the most popular Zambian destinations there are many more interesting areas to discover...




Zambia holidays: Victoria Falls LIvingtsone

The Zambian side of Victoria Falls has become better known in recent years. Livingstone offers a variety of accommodation ranging from budget-affordable to luxury lodges and hotels.


Zambia holiday destinations: South Luangwa
South Luangwa is Zambia's premier safari destination. Superb game viewing on foot or from the comfort of an open game viewing vehicle and one of the best places to see leopard. See some our Zambia safaris and our Zambia holiday specials or email us with your travel brief.
Zambia holiday destinations: Lower Zambezi
A wildlife and fishing haven, The Lower Zambezi National Park and surrounding game management area is remote Africa at its best. A great place for canoeing safaris, fantastic fishing and wildlife safaris.


Zambia holidays: Kafue National park
Bigger than Wales and one of Zambia's least known wilderness secrets, Kafue National Park has vast wide open spaces, flood plains, rivers and even the Itezchi Tzechi dam to discover. A truly breathtaking opportunity to experience Africa's greatest gift - space.


Bordered by Zambia and Zimbabwe, Lake Kariba is a huge man made lake which was created when the Zambezi River was dammed. Explore the islands, laze on a houseboat or fish for Tigers on this huge expanse of water.


Western Zambia and the upper Zambezi is  is probably best known for the superb fishing, Sioma Falls and the zebra migration of the Liuwa Plains. However this area is culturally rich and is where the  annual Ku-ombuko ceremony when the Lozi king moves home to higher ground, takes place in Barotse land at the end of March.
Email us your travel brief if you are planning a Zambia safari.


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