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Botswana is a perfect example of an Africa that works. Democratic, peaceful people, honest government, home of the best game reserves and wilderness areas in Southern Africa.


Why holiday in Botswana?


Botswana offers a unique combination of breathtaking wilderness areas and wetlands which are unspoilt and uncrowded.

Botswana has dedicated a whopping 16% of its total land mass to the preservation of its fauna and flora and has become world renown for it’s concentration and diversity of wildlife and landscapes - from the permanent waterways of the Okavango Delta to the dry and rugged terrain of the Kalahari.

Botswana offers some of the very best luxury holidays in Africa within pristine unspoilt wilderness areas.

Maplanga Africa is one of Botswana's leading tour operators. We offer fly in Botswana packages, tailor made Botswana safaris and self drive packages to suit all budgets and tastes.


Botswana Safaris

There are many ways to experience Botswana and even within each group there are various options:


More about our Botswana Safaris

Mobile Camping Safaris - Semi participation and non participation safaris with set pre departure dates and tailor made mobile camping safaris. 

Fly in safaris - Budget, Mid range and Luxury.
Guests fly into each lodge/ camp from a starting point that is usually Maun by way of light aircraft. These air hops are the life blood of Botswan tourism and connect all corners of Botswana.

The times of the flights are scheduled according to the demand of each sector so guests will usually be advised the night before the time of their departure to their next camp. They are usually timed to maximise the guests experience and would usually be around midday so that you would be able to do a morning activity before moving on to your next lodge.


Self drive Botswana holidays
Our self drive Botswana safaris are aimed mainly at guests coming from neighbouring countries that have their own vehicles. We do not offer self drive camping safaris that include camping at Botswana Parks board camp sites.

We have a selection of Botswana Safaris to choose from or we can put together safari itineraries that incorporate different areas of Botswana to suit your budget and time schedule.

Botswana accommodation:

Botswana lodge accommodation

Botswana lodge accommodation within the private concessions are generally of a very high standard, even though they may be miles away from 'civilisation'.  It is worth noting that luxury in the bush is different to that which can be expected in an urban environment.

A deliberate decision to keep the safari experience as natural means that, more often than not, lodges within these areas have no mains electricity or cell phone reception. Electricity is provided by way of generators or solar and emergency communications by way of HF radio.

Within the private concessions you can expect beautifully decorated accommodation, professionally managed menus and professional safari guides to maximise your safari experience - so if air conditioning, baths or king size beds are a must, then be sure to tell us.



 Botswana places of interest



The Okavango Delta is a pristine water wilderness
The Okavango Delta is iconic Botswana. The meandering waterways of crystal clear water which comes down after the rainy season creates an oasis in an otherwise desert-like landscape.  A low density tourism policy in Botswana ensures that guests get to experience this miracle in an almost private fashion, making this the ultimate, exclusive, wilderness safari.


Game drive on Chiefs Island in Moremi national park
The Moremi National Park and surrounding private concessions stretches from the easterm part of the Okavango to the Kalahari.
The vast area has some of the best game viewing on offer in Africa due mainly to the great diversity of habitats.
the ultimate, exclusive, wilderness safari.

Want to see big herds of elephant ? Come on safari in Chobe Botswana !
When one speaks of Chobe, one word comes to mind - elephants. In the dry winter months huge herds can be seen almost everywhere, most especially along - and in the Chobe River where they drink, wash and play... Chobe National Park covers a huge area, but most people refer to the area near Kasane as Chobe. The park is conveniently placed within an hours drive of Victoria Falls and Livingstone, making it an easy day trip or a great place to include with a holiday at Victoria Falls.

Water is a precious commodity in arid Savuti
Technically within the Chobe National Park, Savuti is a dry arid area of low rainfall. The Savuti makes a great combination to a safari in the Okavango. It is world reknown for its elephant concentrations and large prides of lions.
The lions in the area have adapted to food shortages and have even learnt to hunt elephants when the opportunity (and hunger) allow.
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